Moyen Poodle puppies mom Harper has a clear DNA of all 250 diseases, she is full red intensity! Charting to be 15-20 pounds full grown.

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Only boys available all girls have homes!

Boy #1 Boy #1


Boy #2 Boy #2
Boy #3 Boy #3

A Moyen poodle is a medium-sized poodle. This means that a Moyen poodle is smaller than the standard poodle but bigger than the miniature poodle. “Moyen” is a French word that translates to “medium” in English.

Adult Moyen poodles tend to stand 15-20 inches at the withers and weigh between 15 to 30 pounds

Poodles were bred to this size because many people believed this to be the perfect size for a dog. Moyen Poodles aren’t too small and don’t suffer from the fragility problems miniature and toy-sized dogs encounter. Additionally, Moyen Poodles aren’t extremely large, and therefore, don’t require a large amount of space or a great deal of food.

However, Moyen Poodles are large enough to play and be good family companions, and small enough to easily carry or fit comfortably in a car.